rocksmallEugene Mountain Rescue is a volunteer organization based in Eugene, Oregon.  We formed in 1968 to provide Lane County with trained volunteer rescuers for emergencies in mountainous areas, steep terrain, or backcountry areas requiring mountaineering proficiency to work safely. Our search and rescue missions involve lost and/or injured climbers, skiers, hikers, hunters, or downed aircraft victims.  EMR is a member of the Oregon Mountain Rescue Council and the national Mountain Rescue Association.

Our primary mission is to provide search and rescue personnel for situations requiring mountaineering skills on rock, glacier, snow and steep terrain in support of the Lane County Sheriff.  Additionally we are a part of a larger network of volunteer groups in the county, the state of Oregon, and nationwide that provide search and rescue services. As part of this network, EMR volunteers may be called upon to assist other search and rescue groups in emergencies that may not require mountaineering or technical rescue skills. EMR is also called upon to assist mountain rescue organizations from other counties in Oregon, or in other states, if they need additional assistance.

In addition to search and rescue work, EMR volunteers work in the community to promote outdoor safety and safe mountaineering practices. We do this through community education projects and educational programs in schools.